In the fight against the flab I always say that circuit training for weight loss is one of your best weapons. It’s one of the weight loss workout programs that should be in every dieter’s fitness plan. I love circuit training for a number of reasons… You get a full body workout, which makes it a great muscle balancer. Muscle imbalance almost always leads to some sort of injury over time, so circuit training will make you much more robust and resilient to injury. The last thing you want is a 2 month layoff whilst recovering from an injury. Because it’s a full body workout, circuit training programs are great calorie burners. This is because you are using multiple muscle groups all at once, rather than simple isolation exercises. So this makes circuit training perfect for weight loss. Again, as circuit training is a full body workout and many exercises you use will require some degree of anaerobic strength, it is a fantastic lean muscle builder. The more lean muscle you have, the greater your metabolic rate. This means a permanent increase in the calories your body uses just to sustain itself. End result…more calories burned, more fat loss! As a dieter, you are mainly interested in the last two points. Basically, circuit training will help you lose weight! But there’s another point which is worth raising before moving onto example circuit routines. And that’s post exercise calorie burn. This is the same for all exercise, but especially so for more strenuous exercise like circuit training. There has been much research in recent years regarding the metabolic rate and exercise. To sum up, for the following 24 hours after exercise (sometime up to 48 hours) your metabolism will be elevated. This means you’ll burn even more calories even though you have finished exercising. This is another reason why every dieter should incorporate exercise into their weight loss plan, and not to solely rely on calorie restriction.

Circuit Training for Weight Loss: Example Routine

You can perform your circuits with a number of different exercises and in a number of different ways. I use two main methods and alternate between these every so often and mix up the exercises for a change. Doing it this way keeps your body guessing and stops your training becoming stagnant. I either perform a steady but continuous aerobic circuit, or perform the circuit as a HIIT routine. (I write often about HIIT training, as it is simply amazing if you’re after a fat burning routine.) Whichever way you perform your circuit you can use the same exercises. The only difference between the two is that with the HIIT circuit you are performing intervals of higher intensity followed by periods of rest or low intensity exercise. The steady continuous circuits are…well, steady and continuous! So let’s take the HIIT circuit as an example. Chose 10 exercises for your circuit (suggested exercises below), and perform each of these exercises for your high intensity intervals. You should be working hard during these high intensity intervals, around 90% of your maximum effort. Perform each interval for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of rest (or light jogging on the spot, depending on your level of fitness). Repeat this procedure until you have performed the 10 exercises. Then, repeat your list of exercises for a second circuit once complete. This will take your HIIT circuit to 20 minutes in length, and you should be shattered afterwards. If you aren’t…then you haven’t worked hard enough! Alternatively, you could perform the steady continuous circuit. Perform each exercise one after the other without rest until you get to the end of the circuit. Each exercise should be 30 seconds in duration. Your effort should be much less than the HIIT circuit, say around 60% to 70% of your maximum effort. Much less and it will be too easy. Much more and you’ll just burn out before you reach the end of the circuit. After the circuit, rest for one minute and then repeat. You should perform 4 circuits, and build up to 6, taking your session time from about 20 minutes to 30 minutes of exercise. Now take a look at the example exercises below.


Star Jumps

Squat Thrusts

V Sits



Squat Jumps

Jump Ropes


Reverse Crunches

Circuit Training For Weight Loss: Reaching Your Targets

If you want to reach your target, especially if you want to reach it quickly, then you really must add circuit training for weight loss into your overall fitness routine and health plan. Try and get at least 2 circuit sessions in per week but also add another two sessions of other exercise. Preferably some sort of HIIT training. But I’ve always said that fat loss is not only about exercise. You have to follow a dedicated calorie restricted diet. Don’t be daunted. Once you’ve learnt how to count calories, it’s easy! I know what dieting is like, as I’ve been there myself on more than one occasion. You have to keep motivated. Your motivation to exercise is key to reaching your targets. Making sure your workouts are varied is one way of keeping motivated. Take a look at the free workout plans for more circuits amongst other types of training plans. Modify them to suit your own needs. Stick with it, keep motivated, keep with the circuit training for weight loss routines, and your weight loss workout programs will get you to your ultimate goal.

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