Below is a growing list of free workout plans. If you know exactly what you want out of a workout routine, whether it’s a weight loss workout program or a bodyweight circuit training routine or anything else, then scroll down the page until you come to the list. There is something to suit all training goals, but we are all different and have our own preferences so modify them as you wish. I am always looking to grow this list of free workout plans to help everyone in the home fitness community reach their ultimate goal. So if you have a great routine that you feel will benefit us all then please add it to the site! You can scroll down to the form below or click on this link to take you straight to it!

The entire home fitness community would be grateful. If fitness and exercise is a little new to you then take a few moments to think about your ultimate goal. What is it exactly that you want to achieve? What is your time frame? You might be after some weight loss workout programs, or even weight gain. You might want to participate in a local charity run. Or you might just want to get fit. Whatever your goal, you have to tailor your workout routines to keep you heading towards your targets. For example, if your goal is to put on 1 stone of pure lean muscle, it’s no good performing basic step aerobics twice per week. So you need to plan your workouts accordingly. Bear in mind though that no single workout routine will make you achieve your ultimate fitness goal. You need a whole suit of workouts. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find exactly what you need below.

Getting Started With Your Free Workout Plans

If weight loss is your ultimate goal then your workout routines will be geared towards burning off those excess calories. This means aerobic training. Interval training has also become very popular for weight loss in recent years. This is because high intensity interval training, or HIIT training, practically eats away at your excess fat and super charges your metabolism for at least 24 hours after a workout! See below for various interval training routines. Or if you are after stacking on some lean muscle, you need to incorporate strength training into your routine. But no matter what your ultimate goal is, you should always practice good eating habits. You wouldn’t expect someone aiming to run a sub 3 hour marathon to be eating and drinking nothing but cake and cola, right? Take a look at the nutrition guide for a brief heads-up on the matter. So to reiterate, you fitness is more than just your exercise. You have to incorporate sound nutrition as well to achieve your ultimate goal. Now, browse through the list of free workout plans below to get started.

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