Having hard rock ripped abs is probably one of the most prominent dreams many men and women have.

It’s undeniable that having such a great body is simply one of the greatest goals that anyone could wish or dream of.

However, attaining a goal like that can be quite difficult, which is why a lot of people envy those that do have those hearty six packs.

Nonetheless, there are lots of training programs and manuals in the market that claim to give you the ultimate body and “How To Get Ripped Abs” is one of them.

About How To Get Ripped Abs

This relatively new guide made by John Alvino, a world reputed fitness expert, promises its users that they can attain ripped 6 pack abs in just 12 weeks.

The book also helps you to lose all that stomach fat and gain muscle in a very rapid manner.

All that and more with only half the normal gym time on your part.

It promises to let you lose fat three times faster than any method available and tone up faster too.


The book has had fairly good reviews from its users, accompanied with before and after pictures that shows evident and outstanding results.

There’s no low-carb dieting involved in the process. In fact, the author is even against low-carb dieting in general.

All in all, you won’t have to worry about starving yourself and eliminating whole food groups during meal times.

Hence, you won’t have problems with having cravings and have feelings of being deprived of food that will only induce you to eat more.

Their Web site offers a promo package that includes several other books when you buy this book.

The other books serves as additional guides that will help you out on the whole program.

It was also found to be very user friendly, even for beginners in working out or body building.

It has an eight-week money back guarantee thus, you can try out the program for 8 weeks and see if it works out for you or not.

The whole program lasts for 12 weeks and having an 8 week guarantee simply shows how much confident the author is on the efficiency of his program.


Information overload can become a huge problem, considering the many books included in the package that offers various theories and secrets to reveal regarding fat loss and muscle building.

The program may not be for everybody since there’s a big chance that not everyone has enough discipline to stick to a workout routine or dietary plan.

This program entails users to religiously follow its principles and constantly exercise without cheating.

If simply losing weight is your goal and not necessarily bulking up muscle, then this program may not be exactly right for you.


Generally, the book “How To Get Ripped Abs” is very effective as it claims to be. However, there are minor setbacks that are quite tolerable anyhow.

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