Losing weight can be extremely difficult for some of us.  The truth is, wedding  weight loss or a pre wedding diet is not a big deal if you can learn to understand it’s a numbers game. You just need to have some idea of the amount of calories of the foods you’re consuming.

If you’re determined to start losing weight, then congratulations to you on your wedding weight loss goal! These might not be the best of the best tips for your wedding weight loss but your sure to learn something or even jog your memory on something you’ve read earlier.

Four Ways for Effective Wedding Weight Loss

1. Let’s Go Low, Low, Low

If youve decided to go on a pre wedding diet theres no need to feel starved. You can eat some of your favorites, although in moderation.  Just find some low calorie alternatives for it. If you crave for a chocolate ice cream which contains a hundred calories for your daily intake, you may as well go for a low fat chocolate pudding or sugar-free fudge.  Remember too that sweets should be a treat and only eaten in moderation.  Also as part of your wedding weight loss plan, you may also want to choose low fat dairy products, leaner meat products, fresh fruits and vegetables or whole grain products. The point is that these alternatives have a lower caloric level than your usual options. Processed foods usually contain saturated and trans fats and these refined products have much less nutrients and can be really unhealthy, so try and stay clear of these.

2. Let’s Take It Slow and Small

To help with your wedding weight loss plan, when you’re eating consciously take your time with each mouthful, chewing slowly.  This is a good tip as you should feel full faster and avoid overeating. Studies show that by eating smaller but frequent meals can reduce your calories in two ways. First, eating in small amounts but in frequent intervals throughout the day can keep you being ravenous in a one time meal. It’s the same as controlling your hunger and controlling your calories. Second, this habit will keep your metabolism working; an almost effortless way to burn those calories away.

3. Let’s Do It

Well, this is not about eating your favorite dish anymore. But you will still love this because it’s still as simple as eating your favorite meal.  Here are some tips to help with wedding weight loss that you may not have thought of!  Like taking your dog for a walk, taking a slide or swing at the park, gardening, running errands and doing simple chores could burn up hundreds of calories an hour.  So why not use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk to the grocery on the next two blocks instead of using the car, or try parking your car at the farthest part from the entrance.

4. Give Yoga a Try

Yoga is one of the big things in the health and wellness world today and can help with your wedding weight loss. It develops not just discipline but also encourages the body to be strong, flexible, graceful and trimmed. It’s also a perfect stress reducer and prevents heart illnesses. You can begin by doing a fifteen to thirty minute yoga session each day and you’ll notice a slimmer and healthier you. If you can’t go to a yoga class, try doing it at home through the help of online yoga techniques or few good books about yoga.

Bonus Wedding Weight Loss Tip

Once you get yourself into a routine youll find it easy to stick with your new wedding weight  loss regime. Take each day as it comes and if you happen to slip up on one day, dont be too hard on yourself..tomorrow is a new day!

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