If you are thinking about going onto the raw food diet it is probably because you are not content with the way your body looks or feels and you want to either lose weight, or feel more healthy, or possibly both. It may surprise you to know that living on a diet of eating only uncooked food is not anything new. As long ago as 1500 BC the Greek philosopher and father of medicine Hippocrates advocated a diet of raw food. After him came such luminaries as Leonardo da Vinci and Leo Tolstoy.

The main reason to eat raw and not cooked foods is because cooking food by heating it to more than 48 degrees Celsius or 120 Fahrenheit destroys food enzymes the body needs for optimal health.

The diet consists of much more than salads and sprouts however. Some very imaginative people have created raw food recipes that are not only delicious and nutritionally well balanced but are also easy to prepare and provide enough variety of meals to satisfy nearly every one except perhaps for the staunchest meat eater.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes are the primary basis for this food plan. Canned or frozen foods simply defeat the purpose. The foods that you select are going to depend on the other health benefits you are looking to achieve by making the raw food change to your lifestyle. For example, if you are looking to lose weight, you may be eating differently than if you want to lower your blood pressure, reduce your blood sugar levels or gaining more energy.

A lot of raw food people get into juicing – squeezing fresh juice out of carrots, cabbage, and even growing your own sprouted wheat grass. Other popular sprouted vegetables are grains and beans. Organic sprouts are best but in general they are highly rich in vitamins, minerals proteins and the enzymes that all work together for optimal health.

For breakfasts, lunches and dinners, make it your goal to eat at least 75% of your food intake of the form being unprocessed foods.

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